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StackFuel is Germany’s first provider of in-service online training for data analytics and data science. As a decisive factor in the success of digitization, data science has already assumed an essential role in companies. Nevertheless, there is still a lack of experts who can handle large amounts of data in a secure and target-oriented manner. The development of data technologies is proceeding faster than universities or other education providers have been able to meet the demand. As a result, many positions in the field of data science cannot currently be filled due to a lack of skilled personnel. This is where StackFuel comes in. With its training courses, it supports corporations, medium-sized companies and digital grow-ups in positioning themselves for the opportunities and challenges of their industry and qualifying employees professionally with regard to data competence. At the heart of the browser-based training environment is the Data Lab, in which participants perform interactive programming exercises with real data sets and are thus introduced hands-on to the world of data analytics and data science.

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